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I appreciate all you do! Sometimes your job is hard and long, but you always make me feel like I belong.

Director of Nursing

Job Description

Carrington Court is looking for an energetic and compassionate Registered Nurse for its Director of Nursing position. The Director of Nursing plays a vital role in maintaining Carrington Court's tradition of excellent care in its Assisted Living and Memory Care community.


1. Must be 21 years of age or older.
2. Must be a Registered Nurse licensed in the state of Utah.
3. Must have at least 2 years, post degree or certification, nursing experience. 
4. Must be in good health and properly immunized against infectious diseases including measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria.
5. Must provide written proof of recent TB test or obtain within two weeks of date of hire.
6. Must have a Food Handlers Permit or obtain within one month of date of hire.
7. Must have current CPR and basic First Aid Certificate or obtain within two months of hire.
10. Must be able understand the needs of the elderly. Must exercise patience and the sincere willingness to meet those needs according to established policies and procedures, while at the same time honoring residents' rights and preserving individual dignity.


1. Seek to ensure excellent nursing care and satisfaction for each resident and their families. 
2. Ensure that Carrington Court is in compliance with Assisted Living Rules and Regulations pertaining to resident care.
3. Perform assessments for all potential residents for appropriateness of placement.
4. Oversee and coordinate the entire service care plan for every resident and certify it is in compliance with the Nurse Practice Act and within standards of clinical practice as defined by the American Nurses Association and the policies and procedures of the facility and all disciplines involved in that care. In addition, maintenance of all documentation pertinent to the resident's service care plan and record is required.
5. Maintain critical communication with staff members, families, and M.D.s regarding resident / family care and needs, service plans, and goals.
6. Provide resident teaching, wellness counseling, health promotion, and disease prevention. 
7. Develop resident service plans for all residents within 7 calendar days of the residents admit date.
8. Perform ongoing assessments of resident status, effectiveness of intervention, and the ability to meet goals / outcomes as often as necessary, at least bi-annually.
9. Generate referrals to other professionals as needed including a referral to a licensed home health agency if the resident's condition is no longer chronic and stable.
10. Coordinate services with the client / family and others involved in the client service program.
11. Obtain orders for any necessary changes to service plan including medications.
12. Provide residents / family with necessary education and information.
13. Create discharge plans for residents who shall no longer receive or require the services of the assisted living community.
14. Administer and oversee all medication under the written order of a physician or health care practitioner with applicable statutory authority. 
15. Perform, document, and sign off on all medication changes on the MAR.
16. Performs or provides for supervision, training, teaching, and orientation for CNA Leads / Med Techs, and CNAs for all of Carrington Court. (Including In-Service training program)
17. Participate in written performance evaluations, orientations, teaching, and supervision of CNAs and other ancillary team members as instructed and outlined by the facility's Administrator.
18. Perform other duties as requested by the Administrator.
19. Maintain the resident's service care plan record according to facility policy.
20. Assume the responsibility to maintain and upgrade professional knowledge and skills through continuing education materials and programs.
21. Administer emergency first aid when needed. 
22. Keep your nursing license updated. 
23. Ensures availability of emergency nursing services and consultation on a twenty four (24) hour basis, as needed and with the support and assistance from the Administrator and Assistant Administrators. 
24. Contribute to high office professionalism, teamwork and morale. 
25. Help create best practices and documentation for all nursing procedures and policies to ensure a passing level from state inspections. 
26. Review and prepare MARs for the new month.
27. Switch meds as needed per pharmacy delivery schedule.
28. Follow up with pharmacy on any medication discrepancies.
29. Attend and participate in the quarterly Quality Assurance Meetings. 


Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with experience and education

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